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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello again; Meet Attlee; The House; The Sun

The house.

This is my new dog. His name is Attlee. He's named after former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee (1945-1951), the creater of the National Health Service. He's like four months old. He nearly died once--just like me--but he pulled through. I'm trying to teach him tricks.

I'm not dead and I managed to gain back some of the weight I lost. I still walk around without a shirt pretty much all the time.

The sun frequently sets on Epi, as often as once a day. It's not always this spectacular but I've started photographing sunsets all the time anyway.


  1. Hey Jared good to see where you live and your sweet puppy, Attlee. The sunset it beautiful. I imagine you will have quite a collection of beautiful sunsets before you leave Epi. Looks like you have put some weight back on. I saw your picture and thought - what is Ken doing there!!!

    Hope your 6 days of laplap went okay! Love you and keep the posts coming! AN

  2. What a cute house and a sweet puppy. Hope the trick training is working out for you both. It's always a bit of a trial until they catch on to the first trick. Then it's full steam ahead.

    What a beautiful sunset. What a beautiful island. What a change of Oklahoma.

    Hope to catch you on Skype this weekend. Love - Mom

  3. Not much info for this long a time span! Love the shack (I really do--it's very cute, just the same shape as my old Marrowstone cabin, with the front-facing gable) and that's a sweet pup you have there (you should call him your "laplap dog") and, yes, you're looking mighty buff these days ('nuff said) but what the heck have you actually been doing? How's the water project coming along? Anything else in the pipe (so to speak)? We want to know how Our Man In The Peace Corps has been contributing to greater good. Do tell... XOXO Auntie L

  4. Jared your house is awesome! I love your sunset picture. My island has sunsets crazy! :) Glad to see you are settling in well.