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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Pic Posting

Some more pics of the ceremony that necessitated the slaughter of the pig pictured in the previous post. One guy from Malvasi knocked up a girl from a different village and so she came to Malvasi to live with him. They didn't get married, though, they had some kind of intermediate arrangement. Anyway, we had a big ceremony. The guy in the outlandish get-up (skull cap, etc) is the new father--or soon-to-be father, I wasn't clear which--as they march him around. I don't know why he has to wear that costume and--oddly--neither did the Ni-Vans I talked to. There were gifts afterwards and loud string band music.
The plane pictured is the one we took from Epi to Vila on Saturday. It was really, really small. I was right behind the cockpit.


  1. What a beautiful place you live! Looks like you have a couple of cute little sidekicks that shadow you everywhere. Hopefully, they're teaching you as much Bislama as you're teaching them English. Can't wait for the next round of pictures. Glad you're feeling better. Love - Mom

  2. Dear Chuck,
    Hope all that coconut-sucking doesn't give you the runs.
    Love, Wilson

  3. Say hello to Tony & Emma, Simeon & Enna & Jerry Kila