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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Name That Blog!

So, the first task for any aspiring blogger is, of course, to name one's blog.

All the other Peace Corps Vanuatu blogs I've read seemed to have rather conventional names (i.e. "Joe Smith's Peace Corps Adventure", etc.). So, me being me, I decided it was vital to think of an original name that was short, witty and--if possible--that rhymes. And that is Peace Corps related. And that in some way relates to me or my characteristics. And that is also a play on words.

Well, that turned out to be a pretty tall order. I eventually settled on Vatu For My Thoughts (the vatu being the currency of my future home), but here are some other ideas that didn't quite make the cut.

1. "My Toilet Flushes Backwards!!" (referencing the coriolis effect--this was definitely my second favorite)
2. "The Corps-iolis Effect"
3. "I'd 'Sooner' Be in Vanuatu" (because I'm a Boomer Sooner from Oklahoma, even though
I'm an OSU fan)
4. "Give Peace A Chance" (trusting John Lennon's estate not to sue)
5. "Southern Exposure" (does anybody remember "Northern Exposure"?)

And others, equally idiotic.

Anyway, as I write this it is 11 days until orientation in LA!

Above, is a recent picture of me in my brand new, waterproof Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter hat. It may not look it, but the salesman assured me it's very stylish for the swashbuckling, globe-trotting adventurer set. Very cutting edge stuff, really. Or not. As long as it keeps the sun out of my face and the torrential downpour out of my eyes, though, I'll be a satisfied customer.

The following item is unrelated to my upcoming Peace Corps service, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the recent death of a great American, Senator Edward Kennedy. A passionate advocate for social justice, Ted Kennedy, I fear, is an irreplaceable loss to the Senate and the country. In 2005, while an intern in DC, I was fortunate enough to briefly meet him and have my picture taken.


  1. You know, Jared, I like this and your blog opener. However, as a living witness to the naming process, I must have missed the part thanking your family for the hours and effort in the naming process. Maybe it is in a credits area for which I have not been authorized . . . Hummmmmm!! (finger on chin)

    We had lots of fun this weekend. Love you and I look forward to keeping up with you via the blog - AN

  2. Jared,

    What a wonderful prologue for your PC experiences in Vanuatu. Thought that the Churchill connection was most intriguing.

    During the three days of remembrance for Senator Ted Kennedy, I spent many television hours watching the outpouring of love offered by the thousands upon thousands of Americans that he spoke for, labored for, and helped uplift. He was the most effective voice in the U.S. Senate (if not all America) for racial and gender equality, affordable health care for every American, & the special needs of children and also the downtrodden. So much has been said about his legislative successes and legacy that I will not try to repeat those accolades. Just know that I will miss the Lion of the Senate.

    Ted Kennedy, Jr.'s remarks about his father at the funeral in Boston as well as the eulogy by President Obama were beautiful reminders of a life devoted to family, constituent needs, and justice for all in America...and beyond.

    I know you will be very busy during training and may not have much time for blogging. However, I vatu occasionally post a comment, letting you know of events occurring in OK...and the wider world. If I ever receive any PC updates on my application process (the long, patient wait), I will let you know. I am still hopeful that I will be headed to the South Pacific in May 2010. So far, there are no holds on my nomination and I am only waiting for the final Med Office clearance; dental and background checks have been approved.

    Bon Voyage tu Vanuatu,